House and Grounds Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations were revised on July 22, 2011. You may download these House and Grounds Rules and Regulations in PDF format.

A. Statement of Policy

The Watkins Glen Yacht Club, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization. The club property, facilities, docks and slips are not for public use. All members, visitors, and guests are subject to the rules of the Watkins Glen Yacht Club and its Board of Directors. Members, visitors and their guests assume all risks and responsibilities inherent with being on club grounds as well as member’s private docks and their boats, and furthermore, release Watkins Glen Yacht Club of any liability.

B. Visitors and Guests

All visitors and guests follow all club rules. The club member being visited is required to inform guests of the rules and in doing so, acknowledge that in consideration of the permission being granted to them for use of the club and its facilities, they assume all risks and release the Watkins Glen Yacht Club as stated above, under “A”. Furthermore, visitors and guests accept full responsibility for the safe operation of their boats, as well as all risk related to docking. Members are responsible for the conduct of, and any debts incurred, by their visitors and guests.

C. Guest Yachts

No yacht shall use the docks, slips, club property or facilities of the Watkins Glen Yacht Club unless the owner of said yacht is a member in good standing of the Watkins Glen Yacht Club or is a member of another recognized, registered yacht club. A member in good standing of the Watkins Glen Yacht Club may request guest yacht privileges on behalf of a yacht owner who is not a member of a recognized registered yacht club. Such member, in doing so, assumes responsibility for the conduct, action and behavior of such guest.

Members of registered yacht clubs shall have preference regarding available docking facilities.

Visiting yachts that qualify, upon registration by their owners, will be granted docking privileges for 48 hours, provided that they comply with all rules of the Watkins Glen Yacht Club and the House and Grounds Rules and Regulations. This may be extended subject to availability and approval of the Dock Master.